About Us

Who are we?

Shortly vozGo!©

In 2006 we start our first company SizWeBiz© in Sakarya/Turkey. We created about 126 website in that time. The popularity wasn't interesting enough for new projects. So in 2009 we move our company to Izmir/Turkey. We had another 144 website projects in there. When it was 2010 we join to International Informatics Olympiad. We won the Olympiad #1 degree in Web Portal Category. There was 1300 another software developers. We stayed in Izmir until 2014 and Company name was EgeBil©. When it was 2014 we move to Kyrenia/N. Cyprus for working international. We start to taking new customers around the world. Generally our customers located in England and N. Cyprus. When we decide to opening Second Branch, we open it in Istanbul/Turkey. Our decide was Istanbul/Turkey because there is not alot of companies about Software Developing and Server Management. We had a promise; Keep Customer Happiness score at 100% and we will keep it always at top!

Our Mission

Our mission is, making all of our customers happy. In this topic, we have a professional PR team. So if you have any problems just open a ticket. We will manage it for you. We already had over then 1200 customers all over world. We will have more customers and we are here to make all of our customers happy.

Our Vission

We are already working with more then 1200 customers all over the world. Our Live Support is working 12 hours in a day, so in a short time we want to work for 24 hours live support. We want to be the #1 software, marketing and hosting management company in the future.